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V-Ray 3.4 für Maya


Das neue V-Ray 3.4 für Maya ist da! Mit neuen Funktionen und Optimierungen.

Neue Features

 V-Ray Denoiser

Removes noise automatically, cutting your render times by up to 50% with GPU acceleration. V-Ray’s denoising technology is non-destructive, giving you the original render and the denoised version for even more control in post. Denoising can be used progressively while rendering or after rendering, with support for animation and enhanced blending between frames with the standalone denoiser tool.

Works with Maya 2016 Extension 2

V-Ray 3.4 now supports the new render layers and motion graphics tools in Maya 2016 Extension 2

GPU rendering improvements

  • Procedural textures supported by V-Ray RT GPU can now be used as bump maps.

Aerial Perspective

  • Control the color of atmospheric haze.

Faster Global Illumination

  • V-Ray Light Cache calculations are up to 15% faster.


  • New support for VRayMultiSubtex.

V-Ray RT improvements

  • Update render regions on the fly – without restarting the render.

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