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finalRender for 3ds Max is the perfect choice for 3d artists and studios alike wanting the maximum in image quality and photo-realism, without experiencing a brain melt when setting up complex scenes for rendering, with no compromises! And we mean it. Now, with Drop 3, accelerating on both GPU AND CPU tracks - what more could you ask for in terms of hardware and software optimization! Quadruple choices for the artist in terms of handling speed and smart rendering. You have the latest RTX technology from NVIDIA with the full support of OptiX RTX Denoiser. Plus, you also have on CPU the Intel Open Image Denoiser.


Subscription Drop 3 New Feature: INTEL AI-Denoiser

finalRender Subscription Drop 3 now comes with a CPU based Denoising technology. In addition to the latest NVIDIA RTX Denoising option, finalrender also offers Intel's Open Image Denoiser a CPU based AI -Denoiser. No other rendering system for 3ds Max offers you the choice of trueHybrid™.

Subscription Drop 2 New Feature: biasHybrid™

For the first time, a biased rendering method has been married with a true unbiased spectral based rendering technology! It is like achieving the task of squaring the circle. finalRender perfectly combines those contradictory rendering methods into one simple to use but powerful package. 

Subscription Drop 2 New Feature: Core Speed

Drop 2 reduces GPU kernel memory usage by up to 50% on newer NVIDIA cards. True unbiased CPU and GPU processing time has been sped up by up to 25%. Considerable less passes are needed to achieve a cleaner result in less time. Active Shade is now more responsive.

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