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Modo 13.2 Series


Modo 13.2 is now available and it’s packed full of incredible updates. These include mPath, the new path traced render that simplifies the rendering workflow while enhancing the speed and quality. To further complement the rendering workflow improvements, Modo 13.2 also improves access to hardware agnostic GPU accelerated rendering with AMD’s Radeon™ ProRender giving users more stability and render-parity with Modo’s material system.

Modo 13.2 highlights include:

  • Significant rendering improvements - A new path traced renderer, mPath, with accelerated ray tracing via NVIDIA’s RTX™ technology, and render parity improvements with AMD’s GPU-accelerated Radeon™ ProRender.
  • A completely new Edge Chamfer tool, built to improve upon the well known direct modeling tools that made Modo famous for modeling today.
  • Enhanced graph editor and keyframing workflows allowing animators to focus on the animation flow with greater efficiencies.
  • A powerful new IK solver designed with predictability and control of twist angles and new option to add a gradient based user channels allowing for even greater flexibility with advanced rigging and other procedural workflows.
  • AxF™ support has been expanded to the 1.1 and 1.4 specs providing the best possible digital representation of physical materials, streamlining the design process and accelerating time to market.


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